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Ion Cleanse Detox Therapy 


Per Session.......$40

                                                                                        Pack of 6.......$35 each + 7th Session FREE!



Sit down, relax, submerge your tired feet in nice warm water 
and let the machine do the work. 
This revolutionary footbath draws out 
toxins, heavy metals, yeast and more from your body 
through the soles of your feet.



Client comments:
"Before starting Ion Cleansing, I had a history of headaches on a daily basis and was taking acetiminophen and ibuprofen constantly; since the cleansing I have had an almost complete elimination of headaches. The only time I get them now is when I don't go in for my weekly session.  As well, I suffered from yeast infections approximately every two months. Since starting the cleansing sessions I have not had a single one. I really believe the ion cleansing has helped me tremendously."  
 --Maida Hewton, Wellesley